Winter Wardrobe

Winter Weather Outlook

With the winter season starting early this year people have already started preparing for the cold, but the first step in keeping warm starts with winter wardrobe.

According to nurse practitioner Patrick McGuire, a key factor when planning what to wear is by dressing for the conditions forecasted.

“It’s always important to dress for the weather that you’re going in to, so as the temperatures are dropping now people should go ahead and be getting out their winter coats because we’re going into that season,” said McGuire.

By dressing appropriately when going outdoors it increases the chances of staying healthy during the winter season.

“One of the things that is really important about staying healthy and staying away from the cold and the flu is to dress appropriately because we know that going out into the cold temperature lowers your immune system and that the cold and the flu actually uh work best in a cold environment,” explained McGuire.

According to recent studies, the number one tip when going outside in the winter conditions is making sure you are dressing appropriately by covering the three essential areas that escape heat the fastest, those being your head, your hands and your feet. So what you need clothing wise is you need socks, gloves, a hat and lastly of course a winter jacket.

“A lot of it is about the core, so you want to keep your core warm that’s where um your body wants to keep all of its heat. Putting a head covering like a nice warm hat is going to be super helpful for keeping that body temperature normal, and then when people have things like um frost bite it’s usually the fingers, the tops of the ears, extremedies that are further away from the core and not getting as much blood flow during the cold weather,” said McGuire.

Along with dressing correctly for the winter weather the last important tip is to limit your exposure when going outdoors.

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