WCIA 3 Technology

Winter Weather Outlook

Here at WCIA 3, we pride ourselves on using cutting edge technology available to provide you with not only Central Illinois’ Most Accurate Forecast, but so you can see the forecast on whatever screen you are using. One of the best ways to get the Central Illinois forecast is by using the WCIA 3 Weather App.

The WCIA 3 Weather App has all the tools you would expect to find on a weather app like interactive radar, current conditions, as well as looking at the 7 day forecast, but our weather app also has the ability to play our forecast videos here at WCIA as well as have you be able to watch our live streams through the app as well.

During times of severe weather, the WCIA 3 Weather Team will always stream severe weather to not only Facebook, but also to the app as well, allowing you to watch our forecasts in case you lose power and can’t watch on TV.

Severe weather streaming is available

WCIA 3’s latest tool for breaking news as well as breaking weather coverage is sky 3 drone, providing us with a new vantage point for the stories that matter most to you. We will be able to provide you with a much different view of various stories that occur across Central Illinois.

Sky 3 Drone

And then there’s Leader 3, our WCIA 3 Jeep that has been outfitted with cameras that we are able to drive around in Central Illinois, giving you a firsthand view of the road conditions that are occurring where you live.

View from Leader 3

The WCIA 3 Weather App, Sky 3 Drone, and Leader 3 all compliment our severe weather coverage to give you the absolute best when you need it most.

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