Winter Tornadoes – Taylorville and Gifford recap

Winter Weather Outlook

On the night of Dec. 1st 2018, our weather team was on the air alerting residents of Taylorville to take shelter.

At around 5:21pm the tornado entered the southwest part of the city with winds of 150mph, leaving behind a trail of destruction.

Amazingly no one died in this tornado, but nearly 20 people were injured in the ef-3 rated tornado.

The Enhanced Fujita scale rates tornadoes on the amount of damage that occurs, the scale goes from EF-0 to EF-5.

Tornadoes in december may not be something that many people would normally think of, but it isn’t as rare as you might think.

Each year a 2nd severe weather season occurs typically in November and December for central Illinois. It is during this time where severe storms can develop as we transition to the winter season.  Warm most air from the gulf feeds northward colliding with cold dry air from the north causing severe weather.

You may recall the Gifford, Illinois tornado occurred in November of 2013 and was also an EF-3 with winds of 140 mph and it was on the ground for nearly 30 miles along with 30 homes that were destroyed.

Believe it or not, tornadoes have occurred in every month of the year in Illinois, so it’s just a reminder, that even though snow may be more on your mind this winter, you should always be prepared for whatever mother nature throws at us.

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