Winter Climatology For Area

Winter Weather Outlook

We get questions all the time about what the winter will be like. And there are many tools that we use to gauge what the season will bring. And one of those tools is climatology. So we’re going to go over three cities here in Central Illinois and tell you what you should normally see during those three cold months. The first city we’re going to go over is here in Champaign with a normal high for December at 36.7 degrees. January we drop that down to just under 33 degrees and for February 37.7 degrees.

Now we’re going to move on to our next city in Springfield… Hold on.

While here in Springfield the normal high for December is just over 38 degrees. For January 34.8 degrees and for February 39.9 degrees.

Now on to Decatur.

Now we’re here in Decatur where the normal high for December is at 39.4 degrees. We drop that down to 36 degrees for January. February is all the up to 41.2 degrees.

Now let’s move on to snowfall.

The normal amount of snow that Decatur sees for the season is just under 22 inches with the record at 47.8 inches back in the winter of 1973-74.

While here in Springfield the normal amount of snow for a winter is 20.9 inches. The record is 52.1 inches back in the winter of 1977-78.

Champaign, the normal amount of snowfall we should see in a year should be just under two feet with the record back in winter of 1977-78 at 67.2 inches.

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