Weathering The Storm 2021: Keeping Pets Safe

Weathering The Storm

Severe weather tends to be stressful for many of us, however sometimes we forget how severe weather affects our pets.

Animals are known for sensing severe weather moving in and some animals can become fearful just like humans. You can tell if an animal is anxious by looking for certain behavior patterns.

Dogs sense storms before we know they’re coming, so sometimes if there’s a storm brewing you’ll notice your dog is a little more anxious, maybe they’re panting more, a little more vocal, a lot of dogs will get more clingy too and want to stay right next to you but you can definitely tell that something is up with them.

Katie Malone

We can see their agitation usually that manifests in barking, sometimes it can be pacing um being a little bit more destructive than usual.

April Faulkner

In order to prevent your animals from getting anxiety there are a few things owners can do.

If you know ahead that your pet gets scared during severe weather you can stay prepared by heading to your local pet store and grab supplies such as a thunder shirt for your dog or your cat or also pheromone spray to prevent them from getting scared during severe weather events.

It’s kind of like a big hug you know it wraps them up and it compresses a little bit without feeling uncomfortable, it makes them feel secure um it gives them a little extra level of comfort it’s like you’re there hugging them.

Tony Sarno

They kind of swaddle your dog, similar to swaddling a baby like if you put a weighted blanket on it can be helpful with anxiety.

Katie Malone

For dogs it can be either in a collar or it can be a spray that we put on their blankets or their toys, it is just something that is supposed to relax them.

April Faulkner

If the thunder shirt or pheromone spray doesn’t work local veterinarians say there are always other options to consider.

We do have a few different options we usually like to recommend one of our more natural options first, so we do have composure treats, they can just provide a little bit of calming for both dogs and cats, um sometimes that’s not quite enough and we’ll actually prescribe medications so tratizone is one of the more common ones that you would give about an hour before the storm starts that can really help calm them down.

Katie Malone

If your pet experiences anxiety during storms try the previous tips to help prevent anxiety during severe weather season.

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