Weathering The Storm 2021: Where to Stay Safe

Weathering The Storm

When your local meteorologist issue a severe weather warning or tornado warning… Many are left with only minutes to find a safe location in their homes. It’s always best to have a plan before severe weather strikes.

I have a plan for my family to know like this is where we’re going, this is where you know we actually store our documents in our area where we are going to protect ourselves from the storms so that we’re prepared it’s already there so if a warning goes off I’m already to go.

Collin Rector

Some people are interested in seeing storms first hand, however one place you never want to go when a warning is issued is outside or by windows.

There’s people in the community who are interested in the storm, so they hear the alert they want to go outside they want to see what’s going on, we caution those people to go take cover, take the warning seriously um and do not go outside, don’t go to the second floor to get a better advantage point, you know you’re putting your family at risk by doing that.

Collin Rector

Before heading to a safe location in your home there are a few things you should bring with you.

Those include bottles of water, a phone charger, a flashlight, batteries, and of course pillows and blankets.

After you have all your supplies next you will need to head to the safest location in your home.

the most important thing is to get to an interior room on the lowest level, so getting to if you have a basement if not a crawl space and if not you know somewhere where there’s no windows on the inside of the house.

Collin Rector

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