Being Certified Most Accurate for 9 years in a row doesn’t mean anything if you don’t know the information. We will break in over programming when necessary, but we have many ways to deliver important weather alerts to you even if you are away from your TV.


We are constantly posting content to our website and the app so you can read what we are thinking in regards to the forecast. We also have recorded videos doing the same. But should we expect storms later in the day, we will also post additional content like more live streams to make sure you’re up to date with the forecast. Our news and weather apps will also send out automatic push alerts for severe weather as soon as it happens.

Thanks to some new additional software, we now have the ability to stream the exact same content simultaneously to our website, app, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram , you name it! However you want to watch us, you can! If we have tornadoes touching down, the same signal that goes on TV will be streamed!


We work hard for you to keep you in the know.

We’ve made some upgrades to our Stormtracker to provide you with an even clearer picture of what’s actually happening on the ground. We are excited to use this vital tool during severe coverage. It’s all the more easier to do now that we have a four person weather team!

And as always, we appreciate the pictures you send us through email, social media, and submitted through the app. These help us tell the story of what is currently happening and what has already happened.