Running in the Wintertime

Weathering The Storm

Sometimes fresh air is best, no matter how cold, windy, or snowy it is.  Jack has some training tips for those who still need to brave the elements this winter.

The COVID-19 pandemic canceled the past two years of the Illinois Marathon in Champaign Urbana, but come April, we’ll be back to having thousands of runners pounding the pavement in search of their best times for up to 26.2 miles.

With its normal date of the last weekend in April of 2022, runners will start to train very soon, if not already.  This means having training runs through the entirety of the winter.

Mike Lindemann, Owner of Body n’Sole Sports in Savoy says the first step is the most important.

“Really the whole challenge to running outside is just to get outside.  Once you’re outside, you’re good.”

Holding yourself accountable with your training can be hard when it’s cold, but training with a partner really helps.  The treadmill is always an option to avoid the cold, but there are many benefits to running outside, even in the snow with a slower pace.

“You feel so much better when you get done doing it and your achievement goals, it’s unbelievable.  It’s a running high basically,” said Mike.

Dressing for the conditions is most important, paying extra attention to the extremities like your hands, head, and feet and layering up.

You can get tracks or ice joggers to get better traction when things get slick, but really it’s the temperatures and wind that will be the biggest obstacle.

“You should always dress like it’s 10 degrees warmer, because your body heat will take care of the rest.  You may feel a chill when you first start running, but it will subside pretty quick.”

Before and after your runs, drink more water than usual due to the drier air in the wintertime.

Lastly, Lindemann offers the most helpful hint when running outside.

“Always run into the wind the first part of your run and run with it back because you work up that sweat, you don’t get the chill, and honestly the tailwind helps out a lot and it’s a lot more fun coming back hahaha.”

The Illinois Marathon events take place Thursday April 28th to Saturday April 30th with registration open now.  Visit our website, for the link to get started.

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