How Long Does Your Car Need to Idle in the Winter?

Weathering The Storm

Waiting 10 minutes in the morning to get into a warm car feels great for us, but does it help with the longevity of the car?

No one likes to get into an ice cold car, that’s why remote start has become quite common.

Many cars nowadays can even start through an app too, making it very easy to warm up a car.  But how long do you have to wait for a cold car to be warmed up in order to safely drive it?

All of our modern cars nowadays use electronic fuel injection, so there’s no more carburetors  anymore.  That means we don’t have to wait for multiple minutes for our car to be warmed up.  We pretty much can start up the car, wait about 30 seconds or so, and then that’s enough time for the car to be safely warmed up for us to be able to drive.

Modern engines are designed to quickly get to a warm operating temperature even if the inside is cold.  And even though the EPA states that cars are 12 percent less efficient in very cold temperatures, idling you car for multiple minutes a day just wastes fuel, money, and time.  A car that just sits gets 0 miles per gallon, that’s why easing into your drive after only a short amount of idling is best.  Really, the most effective way to warm your car up is to just drive it.

Warming up the car for just 10 minutes a day increases fuel consumption by around 15 percent.

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