WX 101: Factors That Determine Climate

Weather 101: Middle
There are many factors that determine the climate of a specific reason. One main factor is the location of latitude of that area. Places closer to the equator get more sunshine and are warmer than at the poles. The areas location closest to an ocean can also make an influence in how much moisture it receives. In the United States, the southwest doesn’t usually get much of an ocean influence so it is dryer than the rest of the U.S. The southeast is near the Gulf of Mexico and closer to the equator so it has a warm, moist climate. The stated further north are closest to the north pole, so they have a colder climate. The west coast has an ocean influence from the Pacific Ocean, so parts of the coast have a Mediterranean climate. The Midwest can often be dry, but has an influence from the weather systems that move throughout the country so it has a grassland climate.  

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