Everyday our weather is changing here in Central Illinois. We can see as many as three different types of weather in one day. A meteorologist, or weatherman/weather girl, has the tough job of telling you what kind of weather you may see the next day.  Can you name the different types of weather you see?

Most people like sunny days and clear skies. This type of weather allows us to play outside and makes us feel good. When we can’t see the Sun, it’s because of the clouds. Cloudy skies may bring gloomy weather, which makes the sky look gray. Sometimes cloudy skies bring rain or storms. If we’re outside when it’s raining or storming, we may need an umbrella to stay dry. “If thunder roars, go indoors.” Thunder is the sound you hear when Lightning is present. The sound of thunder can be scary at times. If you hear it, it’s always best to head inside where you’ll be safe.

After the rain or storms go away, the sunshine comes back. This is the best time to look for a Rainbow. Have you seen one before? They have all types of different colors like; red, green, blue, and purple. The next time it rains, ask your parents to help you find one.