WX 101: Preparing for Severe Weather

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The image above shows Central Illinois is no stranger to severe weather and tornadoes. Each line shows the path and strength of tornadoes we’ve experienced since 1880. It’s human nature to think a disaster will never happen to us, but for a moment though, lets imagine that it can. Pretend a severe weather disaster is going to impact your neighborhood or community. If this were to happen, would you be prepared? Would you know how to keep your household safe? The goal of this Weather 101 is to demonstrate the best ways to prepare for severe weather and emergencies.

One thing you would want to do well before the severe weather season arrives, is to plan ahead of time.  Do you know where to go when severe weather strikes, either at home or at work?  Do your kids know what to do and where to go?  These are the things you need to know so that in the event you do need to act, you can just do it.

At home in your safe spot or close to it (lowest level of your house in an interior room), you’ll want to have a kit that has vital information.  Things like spare cash, prescriptions, flashlights, batteries, shoes, and bike helmets for protection should be there.  This way, you don’t have to think about it.

At work, check with your supervisor about the steps that need to be taken to go to the safest area of the building.  If you work outside, try to seek shelter in a building, or stay in your car if it is safe.

Schools are very safe buildings due to their brick construction.  Students in schools really only need to be away from windows, as the hallways are very safe, even if there isn’t a basement.



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