Thanks to advances in today’s technology, you don’t need to be sitting in front of your TV to know when and where severe weather will strike. At WCIA, we provide you multiple ways to stay in the know.


We will break into coverage when we have to, especially for tornado warnings or particularly strong severe thunderstorms. This is still the most effective way to alert the public of dangerous weather. However, should you lose power, you have the ability to watch the same exact coverage online.


Our WCIA website is always a great resource to let you know in the days and hours ahead of severe weather what we are thinking. However, we live-stream our coverage online. Bookmark this link so that you have it: This will work on Windows/Mac and on your phone’s browser too.


We carry our phones everywhere and we have an app for everything. Our WCIA News and Weather Apps have everything online has to offer in a nice layout for mobile devices. We will send out Push Alerts ahead of and during the storm to prepare you as much as possible. You can watch the live-stream from either of these apps. This is great when the power goes out, but you still have a charge on your phone, or if you are taking your phone to continue to listen as you seek shelter.

The WCIA Weather App also always you to submit pictures through it, making it a convenient place to send us storm or damage pictures. Another great way to submit pictures to us is to email


The entire WCIA Weather Team will also put the live-stream up on their respective Facebook and Twitter accounts and is another option if you don’t have our apps downloaded.

Social media is also a great place to send us pictures of the storm or the damage afterwards.


NOAA Weather Alert Radios are great due to their ability to warn for all alert types at any time of the day. We recommend putting them either in the kitchen or the bedroom and to check the batteries when you change your clocks.