KidCaster During COVID-19


Due to social distancing guidelines issued at the State and Federal levels for the foreseeable future to limit the spread of the Coronavirus, we unfortunately will not be able to have KidCasters and their guests come to the station. When things go back to normal, we will continue to schedule them for every Monday morning during the 9:00 AM hour of The Morning Show. Until that happens, we thought it would be fun to have video submissions of kids giving their own forecasts! We will show these during the Monday morning timeslot in the 9:00 AM hour of The Morning Show and share them on social media as well!

Record a video of your child’s forecast, the more creative, the better! Since many kids and parents have free time, maybe make it fun craft activity!


  • If you are using your phone to record, hold it HORIZONTALLY like shown above. It will look better on TV.
  • Try to keep the videos in the 2:00 to 4:00 minute range. We don’t want them too short because then we won’t get to see your child in action, but too long of a video won’t work for the timing of the newscast.
  • In addition to the video, send us a still picture of your child doing the forecast as well as their first and last names, and where they live.


Since the files we are talking about are going to be too large for email, there are a few ways you can try to send the video. We will work with you to get the video, just let us know.

  • Send us the video as a link that we can download. This can be done through popular cloud service providers like Microsoft’s OneDrive, Apple’s iCloud, Google Drive, or others.
  • Upload the video to YouTube and send us the link. You can make the video public or unlisted. Unlisted content can only be viewed with the link, it won’t show up in general searches.
  • Try sending it through Facebook Messenger. It may become very compressed and it may still not work, but we have had success using that service.
  • For the advanced users, you could compress the video yourself and send us the smaller video.


There are a variety of ways you can send us the information. The best way will be to email Jack Gerfen at or Adam Claibon at You can also click on these buttons below.


We would still love to have you child do the real forecast on TV in front of the green screen when things go back to normal. Keep in contact and we will schedule them for a Monday when everything opens back up!

Thank you and we hope to get a lot of submissions!

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