FINAL WCIA Reception Status Update 4-20-20

At 1:31PM CDT WCIA signed on to our new topmount antenna at full power and full height.  After signoff at 12:30PM the tower crew removed the connection to the temporary antenna, installed the new antenna line section, and Jeremy Ruck, an RF Consultant out of Peoria, swept the line and antenna with his network analyzer.  All was good so we then powered up with no issues.  Again, thank you for your patience and understanding during this transition.  If you are still unable to receive our signal run a new channel scan and you should regain WCIA.

WCIA Reception Status Update 4-19-20

The new topmount antenna is ready for operation.  The WCIA transmitter will sign off MONDAY APRIL 20 at 12:30PM to allow the tower crew to disconnect the temporary antenna and reconnect to the new antenna.  Following an RF sweep of the system, we will power up and resume broadcasting operations on our new, improved signal.  We anticipate this transition taking no more than two hours but it could take longer if any problems are encountered.  Should we not return to air by 2:30PM for Governor Pritzker’s COVID-19 daily briefing, it will stream live on  Viewers who receive us via antenna, Dish Network, DirecTV, Mediacom, and some other services will be affected during this transition.  As always we thank you for your patience and understanding as we have worked hard to bring our viewers the best possible signal.

WCIA Reception Status Update 4-16-20

The new topmount antenna was bolted to the top of the tower this morning. The tower crew worked hard and got the job done! Next they have to install the elbow complex for the antenna, order cut-to-length transmission line sections, and remove the gin pole.  We are planning to make the transition to the new antenna some day early next week, possibly Monday or Tuesday. We will announce the exact date and time once everything is in place. The pictures you see here are courtesy of Kevin Lighty, our renowned meteorologist and expert drone pilot. Thanks Kevin!

WCIA Reception Status Update 4-15-20

Yesterday, Tuesday, the tower crew was able to weld the new antenna mount in place on top of the tower. This morning we are not able to work on the tower due to rain, snow, and wind. We will evaluate the weather again this afternoon. Stay tuned for updates.

WCIA Reception Status Update 4-13-20

Due to high winds there will be no tower work today.  The tower crew successfully removed the remaining portion of the old antenna Saturday and installed the base mount for the new antenna.  Weather permitting they hope to install the new antenna tomorrow.  Once it is in place, the gin pole has to be removed, transmission line has to be plumbed to it, and then on an overnight this week we hope to check the entire system and cut over to it.  We will keep this page updated.

WCIA Reception Status Update 4-9-20

Due to windy conditions there is no tower work today. Plans are to bring down the remaining portion of the old antenna tomorrow, Friday April 10.

WCIA Reception Status Update 4-8-20

This morning the tower crew successfully moved the gin pole in position above the old antenna and removed half of it.  They cut the 6,000 lb. antenna in half with a torch and lowered the top section to the ground. This afternoon they are making every effort to remove the bottom portion of the antenna before severe weather arrives in our area.

WCIA Reception Status Update 4-7-20

WCIA is still operating at reduced power on a temporary antenna as of today, Tuesday April 7. Due to the shelter-in-place directive our tower crew left the site for 2 weeks but is now back on site and preparing to drop the old analog Channel 3 antenna, this should take place Wednesday April 8 depending on weather.

Once the old antenna is clear from the tower the process of installing the new topmount antenna can begin. This should only take a week or so but is again dependent on the cooperation of the weather.

Please check this status page frequently as we update status.