WCIA has a legacy of being your local news leader.

We’re excited to now lead the way into a new method of sharing local stories and the latest news from our completely renovated set.

We’re inviting you into the newsroom to see stories in a different way

WCIA is committed to bringing you our best. We are evolving to meet your news needs and bringing you the story with the latest technology.

And our new set is ready for launch

Take a tour of the set with Jennifer Roscoe

This is now my sixth set at WCIA-3 and this one blows the others out of the water. I love all the visual options we have to tell our stories. We will be doing a lot more walking and talking than just sitting behind the desk. No more jeans for Bret and boots for Kevin!

Jennifer Roscoe

Our new set allows us to do things in sports we’ve never done before. The 360 degree studio means we can present the best Illini and high school sports content in Central Illinois in new and exciting ways, maximizing technology to make the viewing experience even better. Our 18 TV story wall monitor brings you closer to the action, along with the new sports desk. WCIA 3 has long been ‘Your Local News Leader’ and our new studio only raises the bar even higher!

Bret Beherns

See the set build in progress

I feel like the versatility from the new WCIA set will really set us apart from any other station in the area, and we’ll be able to do a better job when it comes to showcasing content.

MacLeod Hageman

The new set is very impressive, and represents a next generation for WCIA technologically. The design allows the viewer a 360-degree experience unlike anything they’ve seen from channel 3 in the past.  While there are many visual changes, people at home can expect the same reliable forecast and news they get 365 days a year.

Paul Cicchini

This set gives our weather team such versatility to be able to deliver the weather in new and exciting ways. We most look forward to utilizing our new found space to deliver team coverage severe weather like you’ve never seen before

Kevin Lighty

Watch the time-lapse