CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — In this day and age where virtually everything can be caught on camera, the Champaign Police Department is hoping to solve crime faster using homeowners’ doorbell and security cameras.

It’s another way they are hoping to achieve Victory Over Violence.

The increased gun violence in Champaign is why Marcia Grothe got a doorbell camera.

“Back in February, there was a gun shooting about a block from here at the top of South Fair and University and that was very disturbing,” Grothe said outside of her home.

Since doorbell cameras are so common, it’s become standard for police to ask people to share video their cameras may have captured. That has even led to some crimes being solved.

“The community has to be involved to as far as helping the policemen,” Gorthe said.

Now, the CPD is launching a program for people to register their cameras so if a crime happens in the area, they know which homes they can approach when looking for evidence.

Registering for this program is voluntary and people can decide later if they no longer want to participate. Signing up doesn’t grant the department access to video, but if something happens in the area, the department will likely reach out and ask for permission to review video.

Grothe said the program is something she would want to sign up for. Others we talked to who live in high crime areas said they are scared to do so, fearing retaliation if they gave police evidence.

Champaign Police said they typically go door to door to ask people if they have any surveillance video. They said this process should make it easier to find criminals and keep people safe,

People who want to sign up for this program can do so by following this link or by contacting the Champaign Police Department directly.