BURBANK, Calif. (WCIA) — The man who saved a caged dog from Kaufman Lake in Champaign County made an appearance on Ellen.

Bryant Fritz jumped into the water on Nov. 2 to save the dog named “Poppy” by U of I Vet Med.

He has also since been honored by PETA with its Compassionate Action Award .

We spoke with the veterinarian who first treated Dory, Dr. Meghan Fick.

“We see the sickest of the sick dogs, and so skidding this happy ending…it just allows us all to remember why we do what we do,” said Fick.
It kind of rejuvenates us a little bit to the fact that we have a purpose, Dory now had a purpose for us…she had a purpose for Bryant and Crystal, and we get to continue doing what we love to do.”

Fick told us Dory should be well enough to go home with Bryant and Crystal by the end of this week.