Tax sale error being fixed


CHAMPAIGN CO., Ill. (WCIA) — A woman in Thomasboro has been formally notified by Champaign Co. the taxes for her property were sold in error in December.

A similar letter was sent to the taxbuyer on Jan. 24, two days after WCIA spoke with C. Pius Weibel, acting chief deputy treasurer.

This ordeal began in Oct. when Anita Pilarski was sent a notice by the Champaign Co. Treasurer, which said her taxes were delinquent. Her taxes were paid in full in June.

Despite repeated attempts by Pilarski and her father to address the issue, the taxes on the property were sold in Dec. to Bass Master Tax Investments, LLC.

The letter says, “the process to rectify the erroneous sale of the taxes for your property” has been started.

A letter to the taxbuyer was also sent to Pilarski showing what Weibel referred to as the first step in the process.

Both the letter sent to Pilarski and Bass Master were dated Feb. 24.

When we spoke to Weibel on Jan. 22, he said he’d already informed Bass Master of the error.

“I have to notify the taxbuyer,” said Weibel. “Actually, the taxbuyer’s been notified already that this was a sale in error. If it’s not contested, then after 30 days, we basically send the money back to the taxbuyer and that’s it, pretty much.”

In addition to refunding the money for the purchase, the county will add interest.

The taxbuyer must surrender the certificate of purchase.

WCIA spoke with a representative from Bass Master Tax Investment on Tuesday.

They said they received the letter from the county Tuesday and won’t be objecting to the notice of the administrative sale in error.

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