Real or fake? Police say, assume real


URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — Can you spot a fake gun? It turns out, many people can’t.

Urbana Police are urging parents to urge their children to keep fake guns off the street.

They confronted several teenagers this weekend, after they got a tip that a caller saw them walking around with guns.

Police say it can be very easy to mistake a BB gun for an actual one.

After taking this picture (below) to Hessel Park, several people we asked told us they thought the guns in it were real.

Lieutenant Richard Surles says to the untrained eye, it’s tough to spot the difference.

All of these are BB guns, but police say many people wouldn’t know it…especially from a distance.

“They’re absolutely designed to look like they’re real.”

Lt. Richard Surles, Urbana Police Department

That’s why he says the caller did the right thing.

“Parents need to be involved in their children’s lives, and they need to make sure that they’re not going out there in the general public with things that look like real firearms, because there’s no point,” said Surles.

Brittney Coleman learned that lesson the hard way.

“My son actually left the house with a BB gun, and one of our neighbors thought it was a real gun, and the police ended up coming back to bring the gun back to our house,” said Coleman.

Surles says the bottom line is, it’s better to play it safe and pick up the phone, and be assured…”If it’s a BB gun, we will deal with it just like some kids with BB guns.”

Surles also said you have to be careful with guns that look like obvious toys.

Some people paint orange tips on real guns, or even make them look like squirt guns, so if you have any doubt…don’t touch it, don’t interfere, and call police.

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