National Frozen Custard Day with Jarling’s Custard Cup


Champaign, Ill. (WCIA)

Jarling’s Custard Cup in Champaign is helping us to celebrate National Frozen Custard Day! They are number one in the Big Ten, made fresh daily, they use Midwestern dairy farms and only the finest ingredients!

Custard Cup started in 1949. It was originally opened by George and Helen Potter in Danville, Illinois. They started selling the custard that Mr. Potter had developed. Business started slow, and it was not uncommon to see George and Helen sitting out back playing cards while they waited for customers to come. The Potters also created our signature cold fudge, to solve the problem of custard melting when hot fudge was put on it. They owned the business for 20 years and then decided that they were ready to retire. The Potters had no children, so they sold “The Cup” to Wilmer and Dorotha Jarling in 1969. Mr. and Mrs. Jarling watched as the number of customers grew, after school, after church on Sundays, and it started turning into “the place” to go.

In 1983, Jarling’s Custard Cup opened its doors in Champaign at 309 W. Kirby Avenue. It was opened by Doug and Christy Jarling. Fast forward to 2016, Doug and Christy Jarling wanted to retire after many years of commitment to the Champaign-Urbana community. Once word was on the street, there was quickly an overwhelming level of interest and buzz around what comes next for the Cup. And yes, there was some tweeting by the famous Tom Hanks. Amidst an enormous level of inquiries, they sold their business to a small group of local private investors that include former University of Illinois coaches, athletes, and alums as well as a few others that love the Cup. The Champaign store is the flagship store, open all year-round and the owner of the famous secret recipes. We hope you enjoy the Cup. We are grateful for our heritage and are committed, as well as honored, to carry on the

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