IDES systems back up & running


ILLINOIS (WCIA) — People’s unemployment checks are coming in late and some say they aren’t happy about it. The Department of Employment Security says computer problems are to blame for the delay.

They say the system is back up now, but people will still have to wait before seeing their benefits. Some people say they’ve had issues with the system all week.

As of Thursday, the agency says they should not have to wait much longer. For people who certified their benefit claims by Monday, IDES says they should receive their money by Friday.

But, if they were unable to certify or file new claims later this week, the system is restored and ready for them to file now. Claims filed after Monday will need at least two days to process which means those benefits can be expected next week.

Some filers say the situation is frightening for people who need that money. IDES says about 29,000 people statewide can expect delayed payments.

Anyone with questions is encouraged to call the agency or visit your nearest unemployment office. Unemployment benefits are usually issued on Wednesdays, so payments will be at least two days late for those who filed this week.

Agency employees say they’re ready to help everyone who needs it. As always, claimants can call (800) 244 – 5631 or, for more information, click here.

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