Community comes together for a cook out and fun in Douglass Park


Champaign, Ill. (WCIA)

For the last 3 months a young man and his friend, Marlowe Coleman and Santies Cobb, within our community have been hosting a cook out in Douglass Park to give the children in the surrounding neighborhood something positive and safe to do.

There has been some donations given, but they have been paying for this out of pocket. This young man, has not always made the best choices in his youth, but I feel that this is a way for him to try and not only redeem himself, but to bring some positive light to desperate times.

I was at the cook out this past Sunday and there were about 300 ppl there. WOWZA!!! There were 2 bounce houses…music bump’n… bubbles… chalk…he even has snacks that he was giving away to the children to eat there or take home. It was truly amazing… the kids were playing and running around….adults were chatting it was beautiful picture of Gods grace and love. Im getting tearful just thinking about it. The fact that the black community has felt so ostracized and isolated…this was a beautiful ray of light.

How they can help? We are in need to support and community partnerships. We would love to continue this in the fall and winter and would like to incorporate guest speakers to encourage not only the kids but the parents.

There are not many free on going fun events for children in low income community and we are just trying to do something positive for the kids.

This Sunday July 28th at Douglass Park from 1-7pm.

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