Your Family: First Baby in the Family

The Morning Show

Sheryl Bautch from the Family Service of Champaign County joins the Morning Show and in this week’s Your Family she is discussing keeping a strong relationship with your significant other after your first child.

For new parents, the arrival of their first baby usually requires a big adjustment in their lifestyle and their relationship with each other. There are some ways parents can keep their relationship strong as they adjust to their new family.

The biggest challenge may be finding the balance between their role as partners to each other and their new role as parents. On the one hand, they must accept that their relationship with each other will take a back seat to the new baby for a time. On the other hand, they need to avoid becoming so consumed with parental responsibilities that they forget to be there for each other.

1. Make routine times special: Now that your time alone together is limited, make the most of every opportunity. When you’re driving together in the car, use that time to talk to each other rather than listen to the radio. Arrange to meet for lunch whenever your schedules allow. Once the baby has settled down for the night, take 15 minutes to talk and focus on each other before turning to the dishes or finishing work from the office.

2. Schedule a date night: This doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective. If the cost of a babysitter is an issue, look into an arrangement with friends or relatives where they baby-sit for you in exchange for you doing the same for them at another time. Whether you go out to dinner, a movie, or just take a long walk together, the goal is simply to get some time alone with each other.

3. Buy season tickets: Sometimes it’s hard for new parents to find the energy and motivation to do specials things together. If you’ve already paid for seats at a concert, theater or sporting event, you’ll feel committed to going.

4. Make time for fun family activities: Having fun together as a family, with the baby, can also help strengthen your relationship as a couple. Taking a walk together or visiting the park, mall or outdoor events are all baby-compatible activities that you can all enjoy together.

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