What’s Happening: Women Who Farm Field Day Series

The Morning Show
Taidghin O’Brien joins us to learn about a farming series for women. 

– Anna she is the farmer and he is the brewer. Together they built Big Thorn Farm & Brewery to be a completely off-grid, solar-powered (and soon to be partially wind-powered) farmhouse brewery. Anna grows all of the botanicals for their various beers on the farm, and they even log-age the beer with wood harvested from the farm.

– They cellar-ferment their amazing small-batch beers, and even bottle them “still” to conserve energy and allow active yeast to carbonate the beer as it sits by consuming fermentable sugar and the oxygen in the bottle, thereby turning it into carbon dioxide and protecting against spoilage from oxygen. Their beers brewed with ingredients from their farm, including blackberries, gooseberries, rhubarb, grapes, chocolate mint, apple mint, sage, thyme, ginger, lemon balm, anise hyssop, rosehips, almonds, pears, cherries, and blackcurrants. They’re adding paw-paw and persimmon trees, too.

– The farm is not open to the public so this is a great way for people to see their operation. The field day is on July 22, from 2-5pm and is $15. The field day includes an in-depth farm tour by Anna, hands-on activity, and local refreshments.

– The Women Who Farm Field Day Series is in its second year and this year we’re featuring 5 awesome farmers who happen to be women who are driving forces in their farming niche. We have already had one field day with Violeta Veenstra of Harvest & Blooms Farm. Anna Schweig is our second field day on July 22, from 2-5pm, followed by Janet Zintambila of CHJ Umoja Family Gardens in Carlock, IL (August 12), then Susan Danenberger of Danenberger Family Vineyards in New Berlin, IL (August 26), and Beth Osmund of Cedar Valley Sustainable Farm in Ottawa, IL (September 30).

– To register, visit our website thelandconnection.org and search for women who farm 2018 (address is https://thelandconnection.org/WWF2018) or find us on Facebook as The Land Connection and check out all of our upcoming events

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