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  • Jimmy John’s “The Frenchie” is inspired by sandwiches found in French cafes featuring a freshly-baked baguette
  • Jimmy John’s created limited edition “Vin de Sandwich” Pinot Noir to pair with “The Frenchie”
  • “Vin de Sandwich” created by The Folk Machine winery in Santa Rosa, CA
  • “Vin de Sandwich” contains notes of dark raspberry and ripe cherry, and hints of cedar and spice

Vin de Sandwich

  • A Perfect Pairing: Our newest menu item – The Frenchie – is so delicious we decided to create a wine to pair with it. “Vin de Sandwich” is a limited-release California Pinot Noir that perfectly complements the Frenchie.
  • We’re Serious about Sandwiches: Jimmy John’s puts a lot of time and effort into creating sandwiches that marry speed with the highest-quality ingredients. While The Frenchie stands on its own, we thought it was so good it should be enjoyed with wine. And now there’s the perfect wine to pair with it that shows customers just how serious we are about sandwiches.
  • But We Don’t Take Ourselves Seriously: We take sandwiches very seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Even though our campaign features wine, The Frenchie is meant to be paired with anything in life. It’s our first grab-and-go sandwich, and while it’s inspired by France, it’s made the Jimmy John’s way.

The Frenchie

  • Inspired by France: The Frenchie is a new sandwich that marries all-natural salami and capicola with hand-sliced provolone and salted butter on a freshly-baked French baguette. “The Frenchie” was inspired by sandwiches found in cafes and boulangeries throughout France.
  • Dedication to Innovation: Our dedication to quality and our obsession with providing our customers with the best sandwiches possible is what drives our innovation. We are always keen on taking traditional sandwiches and giving them the “Jimmy John’s” touch. The Frenchie’s simplicity, portability, and shareability is a result of our obsessive focus on innovation. 
  • Our Fastest Sandwich Yet: The Frenchie is our first-ever grab-and-go sandwich making it easier for customers who are in a hurry to enjoy oursandwiches. We are rolling out The Frenchie now because it is yet another example of how we marry speed with freshness.

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