What’s Happening: Tooth Wizard and Plaqueman

The Morning Show

The Tooth Wizard and Plaqueman join The Morning Show and they’re explaining more about proper oral hygiene and how they’re taking the program throughout central Illinois.

Philo pre-kindergarten through third-grade students will learn invaluable oral health lessons from tooth wizard and Plaqueman through the land of smiles program. Provided by delta dental of illinois foundation, the educational program teaches good oral health habits to help battle tooth decay and prevent dental-related school absences.

Students will laugh and cheer along as they help heroic tooth wizard defeat his evil nemesis Plaqueman by learning the habits needed to have healthy smiles. Children will get involved in the fun during the interactive performance, helping demonstrate how to correctly brush, floss and use fluoride rinse causing Plaqueman to scurry off the stage in defeat.

The free land of smiles program not only emphasizes good oral hygiene techniques, but also teaches children the importance of eating tooth-friendly foods, visiting the dentist twice a year and having sealants applied.  The land of smiles program will visit more than 80 elementary schools this fall, reaching about 18,000 pre-kindergarten through third-grade students. The program has reached over 300,000 students at more than 750 Illinois schools in the past nine years.

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