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Drew Brown & Wendy Ball from “HelpEthan.com” join us.


Coming into this project, Drew & Wendy had a solid background in people & project management; and a strong desire to help people & transform society. They decided that the best way to deliver this kind of societal change was through videos/movies. Why? Because in today’s world, it’s the most effective way to communicate ideas; and engage, inspire & motivate people. With “HelpEthan.com”, they have created a movie that not only entertains people, but also aims to improve their lives; the first of (hopefully) many “Movies with a Message.”
Talking points
With hundreds of thousands of views and countless fans, the web series “HelpEthan.com” has already made a huge impact on its teen audience. Created by committed social activists Drew Brown and Wendy Ball, “HelpEthan.com” tackles many of the most important issues in the lives of high schoolers today, including bullying, self esteem, LGBT, body image and family dysfunction.  Much more than a teen dramedy, “HelpEthan.com” offers realistic examinations of teen lives that reveal the intersection of angst, compassion and humor.
After an immensely successful first season, “HelpEthan.com” is ready to begin production of Season Two.  It will continue the six episode season model, with all episodes available online free of charge. Unfortunately, the high production value that make these episodes so entertaining and appealing also comes at a steep cost. Each new episode costs $5,000 to produce, so Drew and Wendy are asking everyone to help them continue making more of “HelpEthan.com”.
Companies and/or organizations interested in sponsoring “HelpEthan.com” can reach Drew and Wendy at contactus@helpethan.com or (217) 239-0633 to discuss this opportunity in more depth.

To learn more about “HelpEthan.com” or to make a pledge, please visit goo.gl/9JDcmR or helpethan.com.

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