What’s Happening: Miss Teen of Illinois 2018

The Morning Show


Cassidy Tucker needs our votes:

Snapchat @missteenofil
Instagram @missteenofillinois
Facebook @missteenofillinois
I need People’s choice award votes!  Voting can be done on the homepage of my website missteenofillinois.com.  There’s a button that says vote now.  If you click it it’ll come up with all the titleholders were you can vote.
I’m in the process of creating my own platform called bravery vs bullying.  The information can be found at missteenofillinois.com/platform .  I’m currently working on a proclamation for it.
My appearance schedule is also on the bottom my homepage.
At missteenofillinois.com/sponsors is all the information about sponsors.  There is an application that can be filled out for those interested or wanting more information.  I accept clothing and product donation sponsors as well.  It also has all the information of how sponsoring Miss Teen Of Illinois will benefit their business.  
There is a donate page with my go fund me account on it for those wanting to just donate at missteenofillinois.com/donate 

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