What’s Happening: Goat walk happy hour

The Morning Show

Dairy goats enjoy eating a great diversity of plants in the pasture, and they enjoy meeting new people. Combine that with a glass of wine or beer, some tasty local food snacks a prairie sunset, and you have Goat Walk Happy Hour at Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery on N. Lincoln Ave. Champaign IL.

1: Goat dairying on Prairie Fruits Farm is seasonal and pasture based

2: We take our goats on walks to the prairie daily to give them a more varied diet and exercise.

3: Participants in the goat walk happy hour will escort the goats to the prairie after the evening milking and enjoy a happy hour in the prairie with the goats

4: Thursday night’s event is sold out, but we are planning to host at least one or two more in July and August.

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