What’s Happening: Dial-a-Carol

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Free holiday tune request line runs December 13 to 19 (Champaign, Ill.)

This year a simple phone call can get you in the holiday spirit. Once again, the students of the University of Illinois are offering to sing your favorite holiday song on demand.

Starting Dec. 13, people can call (217) 332-1882 round the clock (24 hours) and hear free holiday carols over the phone as part of University Housing’s longest-running tradition. Dial-a-Carol is run by the students living in Snyder Hall, a residence hall community in Ikenberry Commons on the Champaign side of campus.

The phones are manned by student volunteers who generously sacrifice their study time during finals week to share some holiday cheer. Everyone and anyone is encouraged to call – both the young and the young at heart!

Last year, the program logged more than 8,800 calls from all 50 states and more than 50 countries around the world…including calls from every inhabited continent. This year, their goal is to take more than 15,000 calls! The most requested song is Jingle Bells, but the students have a giant binder and use Google to help them with the words and tune of almost any song that’s requested.

We need help to spread the word for everyone to call in to get a dose of holiday cheer and share this wonderful tradition far and wide.

This year marks the 58th anniversary of the program. Dial-A-Carol was started in December 1960 by Betty Gordon, an area office secretary, and the residents of Snyder Hall who wanted to spread cheer around campus.

Learn more about the event at http://go.illinois.edu/dialacarol and follow us on Facebook @dialacarol.

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