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The Urbana Parks Foundation (UPF) announced the launch of a $2 million fundraising
campaign titled, Campaign for the Next Century. The campaign seeks to build on more than a
century of generosity from individuals, businesses, and civic organizations by supporting a
variety of Urbana Park District (UPD) parks, programs, and activities. The announcement was
made by UPF President Fred Delcomyn during the UPF’s Jazz Walk Mixer, which took place
just before UPD kicked off their 14th annual Jazz Walk event on Friday, September 7th at
Meadowbrook Park in Urbana.

The Campaign for the Next Century targets three specific areas of emphasis which include the
● Broadening the financial base of support for UPD through the creation of the Urbana
Parks Endowment​. The endowment will generate a steady and reliable stream of
income for UPD for years to come.
● Revitalizing Crystal Lake Park​. Critical improvements have already begun but work
remains in an $8 million dollar multi-year complete park makeover.
● Expanding funding for Youth Scholarships,​ so that all young people can benefit from
UPD programs and facilities regardless of family income. Scholarships will help families
with financial needs cover fees for summer camps, swim lessons, dance classes, and
other enriching activities.
UPF chose these three targeted areas of support as they align with UPF’s mission to strengthen
the local park system and enhance the health and vibrancy of the community.

“Park districts in the state of Illinois always have more needs than they have tax revenues to
fund those needs,” said Fred Delcomyn, UPF President. “This campaign will raise additional
resources for the Urbana Park District, resources that will allow the UPD to enhance its facilities
and programs and help make this regional treasure truly exceptional.”
The Foundation was established to help meet the growing need for supplemental support by
raising funds for UPD activities. Since its creation in 2007, the Urbana Parks Foundation has
provided $246,000 in support for the District. It seeks donations from people and organizations
who appreciate the value of parks and programs not just for their immediate esthetic or
environmental value, but for the impact they can have on future generations.
“On behalf of the UPD staff, board and Advisory Committee (UPDAC), we are very pleased to
be working with the Urbana Parks Foundation to help support their efforts in this critical
fundraising effort,” said Tim Bartlett, UPD Executive Director. “We believe the categories for
fundraising will greatly improve what we can offer to Urbana residents and are very much
needed at this time in our history. So much of what we have in place today is due to the
generous nature of our public support–we are sure this campaign will be a success!”.
“Our parks are an important resource for our area’s quality of life,” said Michael Walker,
President of the Urbana Park District Board of Commissioners. “Whether you live in Urbana or a
surrounding community, by donating to the UPF’s Campaign for the Next Century you can
shape the future of these parks for generations to come.”
For more information about UPF and the Campaign for the Next Century, or to make a donation,
please visit www.urbanaparksfoundation.org. You can also connect with UPF on Facebook.

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