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The Champaign County Health Department is Celebrating The Breast Milk Depot for reaching 50,000 ounces of breast milk donated in 3 years by local Donors. Our Celebration is on Friday and Closes out World breastfeeding Week.

Einstein Bagels is providing refreshments and we have giveaways for our donors.

Why women donate?

Most often women donate because they have an oversupply of milk or they see the benefits that breast milk has when donated to fragile babies. On a rare occasion we may have a donor that has lost a baby and through the grieving process will donate their milk in a way to help other babies.

How many donors do we have on record?

Since the Depot opened in June 2014 we have an estimated 75 donors.

What Milk Bank do we support?

Our Depot Supports the Indiana Milk Bank out of Indianapolis.

Who does the milk help?

Milk from the bank is shipped to NICU departments in hospitals mainly in the Midwest. There is a small percentage that goes to outpatient babies at home if the mom doesn’t have enough milk or is having trouble pumping. Outpatient cases do however have to pay for the donor milk. Either on a sliding scale or through Charity Care (Drops of Love). It has been studied that babies in the NICU that received breast milk had a lower mortality rates and thrived while in the NICU.

How do you become a donor?

You can visit the website at www.themilkbank.org

Follow the to become a donor link. It’s very simple to follow. There is No cost to become a donor.

How did CUPHD become a depot sight?

It was pretty simple. Our facility contacted the Milk Bank and requested to become a Depot Sight. There was a meeting and a formal agreement between both parties was met. The Milk Bank ordered our freezer and had it delivered. About a week later our facility had a Grand Opening and we started excepting Donor Milk.

CUPHD Milk Depot has been very successful. We are honored to be able to supply this resource for this community.

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