Garry has been a life saver for a long time.  Over the past 20+ years, Garry has been a whole blood, platelet, and double red cell donor.  Since 1996, Garry has donated a total of 242 times with Community Blood Services which translates to him being solely responsible for saving up to 726 lives during that time period.  Many of those people were likely to come from right here in our own community since Community Blood Services is the SOLE provider of blood products to all of our area hospitals.

Recently, Garry’s son was involved in a very serious motorcycle accident that has caused him to be in need of lots of blood products to survive.  Now, more than ever, the personal impact of blood donation is hitting home for Garry.  Garry’s son continues to recover from his accident but he wouldn’t be here at all, if not for the generosity of people like his father.