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Laura Jacob, Registered Dietitian, Christie Clinic

Tropical Smoothie

Many purchased smoothies are very high in calories, fat, added sugar, and surprisingly high in sodium. This is a fresh, healthy smoothie that would make a great breakfast. It is naturally sweet, and is high in calcium and vitamin A. It has 166% of the daily value of vitamin C, and is low sodium and has a good amount of protein. You could increase the protein content more by mixing in some whey protein powder. Use nice ripe fruit for a sweeter taste. You can use some frozen fruit for a thicker, milkshake-like consistency. Slice ripe banana and freeze in a single layer on parchment paper. Once it’s frozen, you can place in a container and store in the freezer up to a month and then mix into your smoothies. It’s a great way to avoid waste and make your smoothies thick and creamy.

Tropical Smoothie- Makes 1 serving

½ cup fresh papaya, cubed

½ cup fresh or frozen cubed pineapple

½ cup frozen banana slices

1 tbsp flaked coconut

¼ cup skim milk

¼ cup low fat or fat free vanilla Greek yogurt

Place all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth.

Nutrition Facts: 240 calories, 48 g carb, 10 g protein, 5 g fiber, 65 mg sodium, 84% daily value calcium, 166% daily value vitamin C, 22% daily value vitamin A.

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