Taylorville Tree Campaign

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Arbor Day event: 4-27-19 9:00 a.m. Kick-off of campaign to raise money for trees lost in the Taylorville tornado

Taylorville is a Tree City USA designee and we celebrate Arbor Day to remind us why trees are important and all the benefits they provide. The December 1, 2018 tornado destroyed many street trees and residential trees. We are using Arbor Day as an opportunity to kick off our campaign to help residents impacted by the tornado to replace lost trees.

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1: The goal of our committee is to restore Taylorville’s tree canopy with healthy and diverse species of trees and to restore the many benefits trees give us.

2: We are raising money to offset costs of new trees for Taylorville and Christian County residents. Donations can be made payable to Trees Forever (tax deductible) and can be made via Trees Forever’s website at: www.treesforever.org/TaylorvilleRecovery or can be mailed to

Taylorville City Hall at 115 N. Main St., Taylorville, IL 62568. Be sure to mark your donation “Taylorville Tree Fund.” All donations will go to tree materials and will remain local.

3: Volunteers will start replacing trees this fall and will plant trees in phases over several planting seasons and as funds become available. Applications will be available for homeowners impacted by the tornado by August on the city’s web site: Taylorville.net or at City Hall.

4: When the time comes, we will ask for volunteers to help plant trees and also take care of the young trees. We’ll have public tree care workshops and help get these trees off to a good start. By selecting the right tree in the right place we’ll have more storm and disease resistant trees.

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