Road to the Farm Progress Show: Back-up Plans

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The Farm Progress show returns to Decatur this year but Mother Nature has prevented the planting of demonstration plots for corn harvesting. That is the focus of Stu Ellis who is on the Road to Farm Progress only 103 days away.

Stu Ellis

Just like other Central Illinois Farmers show manager Matt Jungmann says its too wet to plant.

Matt Jungmann

Plan A was to plant 94-day corn on the field demonstrations on April 10 and already have one of the parking lots seeded back to alfalfa like it needed to be. Mother Nature hasn’t necessarily agreed with that. We’ve been through this before and so you sit down with all the resources and all the stakeholders that we have, the agronomists from FS and the host farmers, the folks from the seed companies that are providing the seed and come up with a plan, if were fit on May 20t this is what we’re going to do. If we’re fit on June 1st, this is what we’re going to do. If we get out to where the rest of Central Illinois is facing prevent plant, then here’s the plan for that. Its really no different than any other farmer within the sound of our voices. It is a wait and see and see what mother Nature hands us here. It has certainly been a unique year.

Stu Ellis

But could those field demonstrations be soybeans?

Matt Jungmann

Starting last year host famer David Brix put in a plot of soybeans, and we’re going to put on in this year if Mother Nature allows. We are going to put in a plot of some varying maturities of varieties of soybeans just to get a look at, if we were to have soybean demos, what would that crop look like. Is it worth while, and is it representative enough to the farmers with what they are working with that it is worthwhile for all these companies to truck in and depreciate another set of combines and another staff of people, everything that would be associated with cutting soybeans at the Farm Progress show.

Stu Ellis

We’re on the Road to Farm Progress. I’m Stu Ellis with WCIA3 your local news leader.

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