Road to Farm Progress: Two Months Away

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The Farm Progress show is only 2 months away and many changes are underway at Decatur’s Progress city. Stu Ellis is on the Road to Farm Progress and provides this weekly update for you.

Stu Ellis

Greg Florian of Richland Community College says Farm Progress personnel move in on Monday…

Gregg Florian

July 1, we are prepping the site, getting it sprayed with Round up and mowed and getting it ready for them to move their tents in and move their buildings in and have the exhibitors show up.

Stu Ellis

And Florian says the skyline is changing for Progress City

Greg Florian

We’re seeing some changes of familiar buildings we used to see out there so I think some new grain bins in places like Ag Growth International is taking up almost three-quarters of a block with their new exhibit. They’ve got the ground work going in right now and we’re seeing Morton building two new buildings and the Farm Progress show has acquired the former exhibit that Morton had and that will be their hospitality tent.

Greg Florian

To my understanding Morton was looking to upgrade their exhibit, show some new products. Farm Progress has been looking for more of a permanent structure out there and so they came to an agreement. Looks like they’ve purchased the building and Morton moved across the street so they’re still in the center of the university out there for Progress city

GSI used to have their facilities up on the northwest corner and now they are going down to the Southeast as AGCO has consolidated some of their exhibit. My understanding, their exhibit is going to go across the street, so you’ll be able to walk across and they’re going to show you some of their grain legs and their equipment that way.

Stu Ellis

Many upgrades underway at Progress City. We’re on the Road to Farm Progress. I’m Stu Ellis with WCIA3 your local news leader.

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