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DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — The Farm Progress Show is less than four weeks away and some very special personalities will be on hand this year at Progress City. Stu Ellis has more as we continue on the Road to Farm Progress.

Stu Ellis

We’re on the Road to Farm Progress, now only 26 days away, and Show director Matt Jungmann says bring your autograph book…

Matt Jungmann

We’re really excited. As a part of The Silo film unveiling, you know we’ve never had a premier of a Hollywood film at the Farm Progress Show, we are this year. Silo the Film will be promoted here at the event. Easton Corbin wrote the song over the closing credits for the movie, and so as part of that Wednesday Easton Corbin will be here at the Farm Progress show performing a few hits and also that closing credit song for the movie, Silo, so we’re pretty excited about that. In addition to that NASCAR drivers, what we tentative know is that on Tuesday we’ll have Clint Boyer here with his relationship with DeKalb and then on Wednesday we’ll have Alex Bowman, driver of the 88 Hendrick car here at the Nationwide booth we’re kind of excited to have those celebrities here.

Stu Ellis

Does Agriculture have to make way for politics at the show?

Matt Jungmann

You know, I don’t think, next year on an election year, I am fairly concerned about the Presidential, but its kind of nice to have Sonny perdue here and some undersecretaries and then a lot of state directors of Ag and a lot of governors here. Those folks are pretty friendly to our audience and it is always good to invite them and host them at the event.

Stu Ellis

Have any of them confirmed they are going to be here?

Matt Jungmann,

Yeah, We know Secretary Perdue will be here and several governor and several state directors of agriculture will be here, and I believe they are all here Wednesday.

Stu Ellis

We’re on the Road to Farm Progress, I’m Stu Ellis with WCIA3 your local news leader.

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