Road to Farm Progress: New Exhibit

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The Farm Progress Show is a little more than 2 months away and new exhibitors are arriving at the Decatur site with big plans to attract attention. Stu Ellis has our report.

Stu Ellis

We are only 68 days away from the 2019 show and Canadian-based AGI—Ag Growth International—will have an expansive layout of its grain handling equipment on the northwest quarter of Progress City, says ADI’s Jeff Feldkamp.

Jeff Feldkamp

For Farm Progress Show 2019 We’re going to have basically our full product offering for the producers in our grain systems. So we’re going to start with our 60-foot diameter, 140,000 bushel bin. We’re going to feed that with a 70-foot York leg and Brownie tower with a catwalk coming across with a convey to fill it. We’ll have our easy-dry, 30-foot in-bin drying system. And then we’ll also be showcasing a five thousand bushel hopper bottom, 18-foot diameter. Coming from that we also offer a full line of storage buildings. We’re going to have a 50 by 60, 16 foot tall roof, or 16 foot high wall Sentinel building, from here in the center of the booth here. And where we are currently standing, we’re going to have a NECO dryer. A mix-flow dryer, it will be about a thousand bushels per hour.

Stu Ellis

AGI has a lot of companies within its prevue

Jeff Feldkamp

Yes it does and we have several brands and not having talked aboaut the portable equipment here, so portable augers, belt conveyors, so we’ll have Westfield portable augers, backflow portable belts. We’ll also have our full line of Hutch products here as well. Bin unloading equipment as well as stationary products, portable products to unload and fill bins.

Stu Ells

AGI’s exhibit will take up about three-quarters of a block. We’re on the Road to Farm Progress. I’m Stu Ellis with WCIA3 your local news leader.

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