Road to Farm Progress: Brazilian Firm Representatives

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Corn is up and growing in the demonstration fields at Decatur’s Progress City, where the Farm Progress Show will underway August 27 through the 29th. Stu Ellis provides the latest update on activities at the Show Site.

Stu Ellis

We’re on the Road to Farm Progress, only 82 days away, and representatives of a Brazilian spray technology firm were at the site last week, laying out their exhibit and planting crops that will be used for demonstration. Joao Zanoti, Spraytec sales representative for Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio, and Andre Cuba, a research assistant from Brazil are already at work on their exhibit.

Joao Zanoti

Here in this field here we are going to show our portfolio. We are going to show the Fol-tech that is our adjuvant. It is the most complete adjuvant on the market, so we are trying to show to the customers and the guys that are coming to this trade show that we have a complete adjuvant that can replace all the adjuvants for just one product. And we’ll have on the back our special line that is our foliar applications, foliar products that is going to help with plant nutrition, plant health, and all the application technology.

Stu Ellis

You gentlemen are here already, 90 days before the show

Andre Cuba

I came to help him plant and do all the chemical things

Joao Zanoti

Like right now we are aligning everything. We are putting the tags on the fields. We are marking everything to have it done and to have the best possible show when the people come out and see our fields in the trade show.

Stu Ellis

We’re on the Road to Farm Progress. I’m Stu Ellis with WCIA3 your local news leader.

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