Road to Farm Progress: 54 Days Away

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The Farm Progress Show opens at the end of next month on Decatur’s northeast corner, and some attendees may find themselves having to take a slightly different route into Progress city. Stu Ellis provides our map for you this morning.

Stu Ellis

Its all part of the beltline around the east side of Decatur, but its linkage will slightly reroute Farm Progress show visitors coming into the north side of Progress city. County Highway engineer Bruce Bird says there may be some unrealized benefits in traffic flow…

Bruce Bird

It’s the very first phase of the beltway where we had to realign the very north end of Brush College to a new intersection on Route 48. Its going to impact the Farm Progress Show because of the main access off the Interstate and route 48 from the north. traffic is going to have to stay out on Route 48 another half mile past where they would normally turn to get on Brush College Road. They will turn at this new intersection a half mile south of the existing intersection and it brings them back into the current alignment of Brush college, just north of Mound Road.

Stu Ellis

And Bruce Bird says it may result in less traffic backing up on I-72.

Bruce Bird

In the past shows, we’ve always experienced the back up on Interstate 72 for eastbound traffic trying to come around on the interchange and get down here on 48, a little bit of congestion around the Boyd Road intersection before they get onto Brush College Road. This additional half mile stretch where they stay out on Route 48, we think is probably going to severely reduce, if not eliminate this back up on I-72, which is a safety hazard of concern to the state police. So we’re kind of looking forward to the show, waiting to see how things play out, but we think its going to be a great benefit to traffic.

Stu Ellis

We’re on the Road to Farm Progress, only 54 days away now. I’m Stu Ellis with WCIA3 your local news leader.

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