Road to Farm Progress: 33 Days Away

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DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — The Farm progress show is only 33 days away, and many new things will be introduced to those who will be attending the event at Progress City in Decatur. Stu Ellis is on the road to Farm Progress and has this update.

Stu Ellis

Farm Progress Shows director Matt Jungmann outlines what is new and exciting….

The optimism of agriculture is on display at the Farm Progress show despite the tought year 2019 has been and despite ag economy, you know you have companies like Case IH its going to be the first time you can see the AFS connect tractor in person, the new high horsepower tractor from Kubota, Versatile coming with a new tractor, AGCO adding to the Fendt line up, CLAAS with a new product, a new entry in the side by side market with a ROXOR. On every corner there will be something new but to know about these brand new products being unveiled at the show already is something pretty special.

Stu Ellis

What is a ROXOR?

Matt Jungmann

A Roxor, Roxor is kind of a cool entry into the side by side market, Mahindra built more World War II jeeps than anybody, and they still have everything they need to build a World War II jeep, so they have decided to build them. They are not street legal, but they are a mechanical transmission, they are as bullet proof and tough as a World War II jeep and for a faming application its pretty great. It can do a lot of work and it kind of harkens back to the tough World War II jeep that they built then.

Stu Ellis

Most farmers have not been growing hemp out here, but you’ve got a hemp pavilion.

Matt Jungmann

Its going to be a great place to come and learn how hemp might work in your operation or the different ways that industrial hemp can be used, all the different products that you’d be growing it for; and how crop insurance works into and get all those questions answered about hemp.

Stu Ellis

I’m Stu Ellis with WCIA3 on the road to Farm Progress.

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