“Risen” & “the Witch”

The Morning Show


Clavius (Joseph Fiennes), a powerful Roman Military Tribune, and his aide Lucius (Tom Felton), are tasked with solving the mystery of what happened to Jesus in the weeks following the crucifixion, in order to disprove the rumors of a risen Messiah and prevent an uprising in Jerusalem. Better than expected, the film’s biblical noir structure injects some new life into the oft-told story. Fiennes and Felton do a fine job striking the proper, serious tone, resisting to turn this into a piece of camp. 3 Stars (Chuck Koplinski) Rated PG-13. 107 minutes. AMC, CAR, SAV.

The Witch

Director Robert Eggers’ debut feature focuses on a family in 1630s New England that’s been exiled from the local settlement and forced to live in the wilderness, at the edge of a very deep and dark section of woods.  The film’s slow fuse will test the patience of many however those who stick with it will be rewarded with an uncommonly rich experience as this work is rife with symbolism touching on the themes of repression, guilt, sin, faith and paranoia. All of these elements manifest themselves in remarkable, horrific ways as the movie effectively underscores the notion that, left unchecked, fear can consume even the most devout of hearts.  3 ½ Stars (Chuck Koplinski) Rated R. 90 minutes. AMC, CAR, SAV. 

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