PROFESSOR RECOGNIZED: The Merit Book Award from the Haiku Society of America

The Morning Show

Dr. Randy Brooks recently received the national book award “The Merit Book Award from the Haiku Society of America” for the best haiku book published in 2018. The book is THE COLLECTED HAIKU OF RAYMOND ROSELIEP.

After WWII the literary art of haiku has grown in popularity in the United States and around the world. This award-winning book collects all of the published haiku by one of leading early masters of American haiku, Raymond Roseliep. Roseliep was a prolific poet who started writing haiku in the 1960’s and continued until his death in 1983. Published in a wide range of magazines, the development of Roseliep’s lifetime of haiku illustrates the experimentation and development of an American approach to haiku in the late 20th Century. Contemporary haiku in English is very popular with readers and audiences at poetry readings. Due to the social nature of haiku, there is a very active haiku literary community. People love haiku because of its brevity but evocative emotional impact.

1: What is a “collected book of poetry” (in this case haiku)? 2: Why collect Raymond Roseliep’s published haiku & what where the challenges of collecting and editing this collection? 3: What was Roseliep’s most significant contribution as a haiku writer? (The great haiku AND his call for writing haiku from our own back yards.) “For subject matter we should dig into our own teeming country, God’s plenty when it comes to materials: outer space discoveries, hairy youth, miniskirts, bell bottoms, roller skates, pizza, peanut butter, saucer sleds, circuses, our enormous bird fish animal & insect kingdoms, our homeland flowers-trees-plants-grains-vegetables-&-fruits, motorcycles, ships that plow the sky and deliver people to Japan—the storehouse is without walls.”

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