Positive Sobriety Institute Addiction event

The Morning Show

6/11/19 12p-2p, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, IL

Parking: ramp is off 6th Street between Madison and Mason streets. Please bring your ticket in, so we can validate it for you.

Why is this segment timely and/or important to viewers? 2,778 Illinois residents died from a drug overdose in 2017, according to the CDC. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health found more than 800,000 Illinoisans suffer from substance abuse disorder (2016). In response, Illinois leaders in the field of addiction have joined together to create innovative solutions to this crisis. The Addiction Policy Forum honors on Tuesday eight innovative Illinois programs in the field of prevention, treatment, recovery, law enforcement, criminal justice, and child welfare. The forum’s report on Illinois innovations is available now.   

Please share four talking points or subjects you would like included in the interview. (NOTE: These should be “big picture” points that give context to the interview).

1: Addiction is a brain disorder – drugs can hijack your brain. If it could happen to Dominic, it could happen to anyone. Dominic’s dad is the renowned Dr. Daniel Angres, Founder of the Positive Sobriety Institute and recovering addict. He’s a leader in addiction treatment and special programs to treat medical professionals, like himself.  Dominic is wiling to tell his own addiction story in that context.


1. Dan is on his way to the Addiction Policy Forum’s Innovations Now even this morning. The forum is honoring 8 programs  for addressing addiction in new, innovative, successful ways. One of the organizations is where I work.. the PSI.

2. His father is a renowned addiction treatment expert and founder of the Positive Sobriety Institute. And he’s a recovering addict – 30 years (not sure of years). The best-positioned dad to keep me safe from addiction and yet still it got me

3. How he got there – illustrative of how addiction hijacks the brain

4. Predispositions for addiction – Brain Disorder

5. He doesn’t  look like the stereotypical person with substance abuse disorder… there’s an image out there that is wrong. It’s every body. In fact our treatment program serves medical professionals…

6. What to do to keep your kid safe from addiction  *see the animated Addiction Policy Forum’s video “how do you really keep your kids safe from addiction:

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