Northeast Community Fund: Fundraiser Recap

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The Northeast Community Fund has been serving Macon County for the past 49 years. Trevor and Regan sat down with Aaron to talk about their most recent fundraiser last weekend.

    The Northeast Community Fund has been serving the most vulnerable Macon County residents for the last 49 years. 
    What began as a small food pantry has grown into a critical social impact organization.
    Every week we assist hundreds of families with basic needs such as food, clothing, household goods and monies for things like baby formula and wipes, emergency lodging, obtaining ids, prescription medicines, and utility payments. 
    We also offer two programs that are meant to help the working poor move towards financial independence. 
    The first is a micro-finance program that allows clients to eradicate their pay day or title loan in an amount up to $1000. 
    The second program is a 3-year commitment from families to work with a staff member and mentor to achieve short and long term goals to move towards self-sufficiency.
    Northeast Community Fund has set out on a $3.9 million capital campaign to build a new facility on a social service campus close to crossing healthcare in the wabash crossing area. 
    The goal is to build a 20,000-square foot building to improve logistics, provide more privacy for clients, and increase storage capabilities. 
    Northeast currently operate out of an 8,000-square foot building that is hampering the ability to assist those who use the organization’s services. 
    The building costs are estimated at $2.5 million, with the remaining $1.4 million to be used for essential equipment upgrades and building components.  

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