Motivational Monday: School anxiety

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Trevor E. Kendrick, of The Rock Counseling Group joins us for Motivational Monday. 

Kids often feel nervous when it is time to go back to school, wether they are starting kindergarten or senior in high school.  Things they worry about are who will by new teacher? will any of my friends be in my class?  Are my clothes ok? Who will I sit with at lunch? What if I miss the bus?

5 steps to deal wtih bck to school worries:

1. Take care of the basics – ensure your child is getting enough rest, eating regular meals.  Nourish your childs mind and body.

2. Provide empathy – listen to your childs concerns.  Let your child share his/her fears without judgement.

3.  Problem solve – develop a coping plan, create an active plan with concrete solutions for the scenarios they are worried about

4. Focus on the positive aspects – Encourage your child to re direct attention away from the worries adn towards the positives

5.  Pay attention to your own behavior – Chrildren take cues from their paretns, so the more confidence and calm you can model, the more your child will believe she/he can handle the new school year.

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