Motivational Monday: Persevering When We No Longer Feel Motivated

The Morning Show

1. Distraction Effect- when we’re given a challenging or demanding task, it causes our focus to shift to the motivator, ultimately dividing our attention and reducing performance.

a. This often happens when we’re given a reward for something first

b. With time, that reward becomes less effective because we really didn’t connect with the activity

2. Natural Sense of Play- is the strongest motivator for sustained behavioral change

a. Stick with enjoyable activities

b. Most of us are picking the wrong activities to achieve our goals

c. Rewards can make us lose our natural sense of play because we’re focused on competing for a prize instead of just enjoying the task at hand

3. Goals- a desired result

a. The goals we set for ourselves determines whether or not we will achieve them

b. If we have goals that we aren’t connected to then we’re less likely to achieve them

4. Mental Contrasting- imagining a goal coming true and then thinking thru the obstacles that stand in your way

a. This is the best approach because it creates mental stamina

b. Optimism isn’t always the best strategy

c. Negative thoughts aren’t easy either

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