Motivational Monday: Negatives of New Year, New Me

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New Year, New Me Debunked
1. Problematic Thinking occurs with the New Year, New Me
a. Definition of new is “produced, introduced, or discovered recently or for the first
b. We are constantly growing and changing throughout the year, and it is
inappropriate to discount lessons and experiences we learn simply for a fresh or
new start
2. New Year, Improved Me: Changing Your Mindset
a. Set mindset (all-or-nothing thinking): Stuck in believing that you cannot change,
and that no matter what you try to do, you will ultimately fail
i. Ex: stopping goals after a “cheat day” or you mess up
b. Growth Mindset: Our brain is continually developing and creating new neural
connections as we learn new skills. What is important is being patient and
compassionate with ourselves as you continue to implement new skills and/or
3. 3 Tips on Self-Compassion
a. Kindness vs. Judgment: empathy toward self instead of criticism
b. Commonality vs. Isolation: you are not alone in your journey
c. Mindfulness vs. Over-Identification: being aware of your flaws without defining
yourself as your flaws
i. Explain Ladder example of goal accomplishment
4. Enjoy The Journey
a. Most importantly as you go through accomplishing your goals, similar to what
was discussed before the New Year, is finding ways to enjoy how you are
challenging yourself.

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